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Xml Related Technologies Atul Kahate Pdf Download isaynell




(Review) The latest 3rd edition discusses numerous new tools and methods, including, for example, new error handling, parallel execution and deployment possibilities for SOAP. The chapter on the XSD datatype representation also has been updated. The newly added chapter, "The Modern Mobile Life", presents a pragmatic and comprehensive look at the issues arising with mobile device communication and application development. (Review) The Evolution of the Java Platform is the authoritative technical reference for the evolution of the Java Platform. This new book will show you how the design of Java has advanced since its introduction in 1995 and how this has changed over the years. You will also see how the Open JDK, which is a major component of the platform, has evolved. From JDK 1.0 to JDK 9, the book takes you through all of the changes from the language, the API, the VM and libraries. The book also includes the Platform and Reference Implementation (JRE) and Runtime (JRockit), OpenJDK projects that are built and maintained by the OpenJDK community. (Review) Unlike any other book on this topic, this book provides an in-depth examination of the Windows side of the IoT, covering from the server and storage to the Windows API and drivers. The book will cover Windows on ARM, Windows Server, Windows IoT Core, Windows Server IoT Core, and Windows Nano Server. (Review) Leverage HTML5 with open source Apache Tomcat to create and deploy secure web applications using the latest programming languages and technologies. Embed standard HTML5 and JavaScript frameworks such as jQuery, YUI, and Dojo into Apache Tomcat to quickly create and develop web applications that work the same everywhere. (Review) This book delivers a complete description of the Windows Azure Storage platform, including all of the storage models and options available, and the storage service itself, including new features and functionality in Windows Azure Storage 2012. (Review) This new guide to the leading Windows APIs and standards shows you how to easily build great applications and services using these technologies. The new edition of this hands-on guide to Windows programming covers the latest Win32 functions and technologies, including C++, XAML, and DirectX. (Review) The New Windows 8.1 APIs and APIs You Need to Know, Second Edition reveals the many new features and functions of the latest operating system. This updated edition covers the latest APIs, new developers and tools, and how they all work together




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Xml Related Technologies Atul Kahate Pdf Download isaynell
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